MRT Server 001 and Rules Changes

I’ll be starting a new video series featuring life on the MRT Server. This first episode introduces some of the moderators and checks out Spawn Station and the new Admod Building:

Also, we have a few major rule changes to announce:

General Rules:

  • New Rule: Do not ask the staff for teleports. We only teleport people during emergencies and events. To get around the server, either fly or ride the MRT.

MRT Rider Rules:

Most of these rules have been rewritten, but the major changes are:

  • Do not load or flush the dispenser. Ask a mod or admin to do it for you.
  • If you get stuck in a dispenser, calmly exit your cart and follow the ladder up to the exit.

Construction Rules:

  • The rule “Try not to use too much redstone, dispensers, minecarts, etc. in your constructions” has been changed to “Do not build any contraptions that will lag the server.

Item Permissions:

  • Ice is now allowed again, but no longer melts.
  • Sponge now allowed again, but no longer removes water.