The Legend of B29… and 1.4 update details

As most of you know, a lot has been happening regarding “B29 Station” – a station that exists in kekkomatic’s recent book, The Mystery. (If you haven’t read it, you can get a copy from me.) The story revolves around a pumpkin causing broadcasts of “Now we’re closer :)” and “kekko, please log off, i have to close the server”… and a lost city.

In light of this, tons and tons of signs and advertisements relating to “Now we’re closer :)” and “B29 B29 B29…” are appearing all around the server. After doing a bit of work, we (the staff) have been able to resurrect the lost station of Cactusville, the true south terminus of the Blue Line.

So, yes, B29 does actually exist.

B29 Station

If you go to Nanthaven and one stop east, or just use the updated warp booth, you will find yourself at the new Cactusville Station. There is an adventure map there that kekkomatic has been working hard on over the past few days, and we encourage you to play through it. You can bring groups, but please make sure you’re in Adventure Mode, and contact staff when you finish so we can reset the map.

In case you didn’t get that, B29 exists and is here to stay as the southeast terminus of the Blue Line. So, yes, that was what we’ve been playing all along. 🙂

Along this note of Halloween-related events, the Pretty Scary Update (1.4) has arrived. With it come a whole slew of new changes, like carrots on a stick and potions of night vision, that many of you will enjoy using. Unfortunately, neither CraftBukkit nor our plugins (WorldEdit, CommandBook, etc) have updated – and we have to wait for them before we update. If you need a 1.3 jar file you can get it from

The server will go back to day-night cycle tomorrow at midnight, my time. Enjoy! -chief