Blobstudios 24-Hour Gaming Livestream 2

Hey guys,

As you may or may not know, thomasfyfe, one of our moderators, has a popular YouTube channel called Blobstudios. On this channel, he primarily makes cool “brickfilms” which are stop-motion videos using Lego.

Thomas will be hosting his second 24-Hour Gaming Livestream next Saturday, November 17th starting at 11:00am GMT. During the livestream, the MRT Server will be doing some sort of collaborative build project at some location on the server, and the livestream will periodically show off the build as it progresses. We haven’t decided what exactly the project will be yet, but we will finalize the details closer to the date. Both members of the server and newcomers from the livestream are welcome to participate in this build project.

For more information about the livestream itself, check this link:

Hope to see you there!