We’ve updated to Minecraft 1.4!

Hey all,

As mentioned in this week’s snapshot, we’ve updated to Minecraft 1.4.5 today! We’re using a Bukkit beta build, so you might see some glitches and lag, so please report any problems by sending an e-mail to admin [at] minecartrapidtransit.net.

Also, the following items are restricted:

  • Command Blocks are currently turned off. They will be mainly available to Moderators or above only and we’ll be experimenting with them in the few weeks.
  • Beacons will be restricted to Conductors and above only.
  • Invisibility and Splash Invisibility potions are not allowed. We haven’t set up permissions to totally disallow them yet, but please do not use them.
  • Pigs currently can only be spawned by Moderators or above. We’ll be setting up permissions later this week to allow players to spawn their own pigs for the purposes of riding them on the roads.

Thanks and have fun!