Rule Change and Some Reminders

Hey all,

Just letting you know that we’re making a major rule change with regards to banned constructions on the server:

  • The construction of new Spleef Arenas and Amusement Parks is now allowed on the server. New airport and airfields will remain banned for now, pending further discussion.

Now, this does NOT mean everyone should go out and build their own Spleef Arena and Amusement Park. If we see too many of these structures pop up on the server, then we may reinstate the ban.

The new rules are now reflected on our Rules page.

Also, a reminder to all of you who frequently request WorldEdits from our Admins and Mods, please take note of the following:

  • Remember to ask politely for a WorldEdit. Do not demand for one or say you “need” one. Saying “please” definitely helps.
  • WorldEdits will only be granted to large modifications that would be too time-consuming or tedious to do by hand. The general rule is that if you can do it yourself in about 5 minutes, you don’t need a WorldEdit.

Finally, I’d also like you to remind you that you can contact me and the server admins via our e-mail address: admin [at] Please send any questions, comments, or complaints here. You can also nominate other members for the moderator position and send those to us as well.