Monthly archives: January 2013

Server Updated to Minecraft 1.4.7!

Hey guys,

We’ve finally updated to Minecraft 1.4.7. Please update your client and be aware of the following:

  • Firework Rockets are allowed for Trusted members and above.
  • There is a bug in WorldGuard that prevents the placement of flowers in flower pots. We will try to update the plugin with the fix as soon as possible.
  • Command Blocks are still disabled, we are still investigating how to enable them for the server.


Major Rank Revamp

Hey all,

We have made some major changes to our rank structure on the server. We’ve changed some things with the [Mayor] rank, added a new [Trusted] rank, and have retired the [Conductor] rank. A summary of all the changes are below:


Changes to the Mayor rank:

  • Can warp to their own town(s), using the /warp command. If you currently a Mayor, you will need to ask an administrator to setup the warp and relevant permissions for you.
  • Towns will no longer be protected by WorldGuard. Any existing protections will be removed.

New requirements to become a Mayor:

To become a mayor, you must fulfill the following requirements. Once you have done so, you may ask an administrator for a promotion to Mayor. If you no longer fulfill these requirement while being a Mayor, you will be demoted back to Member:

  • Must be a member on the server for at least 2 weeks.
  • Must have a town hall that declares the name of the mayor (and any optional deputy mayors)
  • Must have built a significantly large town (general guidelines include a minimum of 10 buildings, which must include a town hall)
  • Must not have any active warnings and be in good standing.


Trusted members..

  • Can do all the things that a Mayor can do.
  • Can place water and ice.
  • Can use the /home and /sethome commands.

Requirements to become a Trusted member:

The admins will select who is worthy of the Trusted rank. Members should NOT ask or apply to become a Trusted member. We will also only choose members or mayors who fulfill the following requirement:

  • Must not have any active warnings and be in good standing for 1 month.


  • This rank has been retired. All previous Conductors have been switched over to the Trusted rank.

Please note that if you were previously a Mayor, due to the new requirements, you may have been demoted back to Member due to a lack of town hall in your town, or because you have active warnings against you. You may talk to a staff member to see how you can re-obtain your Mayor rank.

Alternatively, you may find yourself promoted to Trusted. This means the admins have confidence in your trustworthiness and consider you to be a valuable member on the server. Congratulations! 🙂

If you have any questions about this, feel free to e-mail us at admin [at], or ask your nearest friendly staff member on the server.


Texture pack update! (Finally)

Hey everyone!

Just a quick announcement that the texture pack has finally been updated to Minecraft 1.4.x! Here is the change log:

  • Compatible with Minecraft 1.4.x, so now anvils, command blocks and beacons aren’t mysterious pink cubes! In addition, the Wither painting is also “active” and not a pink cube set either.
  • Reverted the ores back to default.
  • Reverted block breaking back to default.
  • Added a pack.png file. Right now it’s just the default with the MRT logo and “1.4” in the corner, but if you have a pack.png file then please send it my way.

Enjoy! The download link is in the link list on the right, or you can click here to download the updated pack.

In addition, there’s a little surprise coming for you guys on the Snapshot this week, so make sure you stay tuned 🙂

— chief