Major Rank Revamp

Hey all,

We have made some major changes to our rank structure on the server. We’ve changed some things with the [Mayor] rank, added a new [Trusted] rank, and have retired the [Conductor] rank. A summary of all the changes are below:


Changes to the Mayor rank:

  • Can warp to their own town(s), using the /warp command. If you currently a Mayor, you will need to ask an administrator to setup the warp and relevant permissions for you.
  • Towns will no longer be protected by WorldGuard. Any existing protections will be removed.

New requirements to become a Mayor:

To become a mayor, you must fulfill the following requirements. Once you have done so, you may ask an administrator for a promotion to Mayor. If you no longer fulfill these requirement while being a Mayor, you will be demoted back to Member:

  • Must be a member on the server for at least 2 weeks.
  • Must have a town hall that declares the name of the mayor (and any optional deputy mayors)
  • Must have built a significantly large town (general guidelines include a minimum of 10 buildings, which must include a town hall)
  • Must not have any active warnings and be in good standing.


Trusted members..

  • Can do all the things that a Mayor can do.
  • Can place water and ice.
  • Can use the /home and /sethome commands.

Requirements to become a Trusted member:

The admins will select who is worthy of the Trusted rank. Members should NOT ask or apply to become a Trusted member. We will also only choose members or mayors who fulfill the following requirement:

  • Must not have any active warnings and be in good standing for 1 month.


  • This rank has been retired. All previous Conductors have been switched over to the Trusted rank.

Please note that if you were previously a Mayor, due to the new requirements, you may have been demoted back to Member due to a lack of town hall in your town, or because you have active warnings against you. You may talk to a staff member to see how you can re-obtain your Mayor rank.

Alternatively, you may find yourself promoted to Trusted. This means the admins have confidence in your trustworthiness and consider you to be a valuable member on the server. Congratulations! 🙂

If you have any questions about this, feel free to e-mail us at admin [at], or ask your nearest friendly staff member on the server.