Monthly archives: March 2013

Server Migration Status

Hey guys,

The minecraft server is back up and open to the public! Come on in and connect to

Minecraft Server: UP
Dynmap: UP
Website: UP
Wiki: UP
Mumble: UP (although it has a mind of its own and may be offline at times)


IMPORTANT: We are moving to a dedicated server!

Hey guys,

I’m pleased to announce that we are moving the MRT Server to a dedicated machine! The migration will happen next weekend during an extended maintenance period from Thursday, March 28th to Saturday, March 30th. The following services will be DOWN during this time:

  • Minecraft Server
  • This website (
  • Dynmap (
  • Wiki (

The Mumble server will NOT be affected by the migration and will remain online during this time. We will try to keep you guys updated on the migration via the Mumble server but hopefully everything will be back up and running by the 30th.

Chief (@chiefbozx) and Thomas (@thomasfyfe) will be tweeting updates about the maintenance as well in case you can’t join Mumble during the week

The new server should help reduce lag in general, but we will also be increasing the server’s render distance and adding/updating plugins. We will likely still be at Minecraft 1.4.7 after the migration, but we will try to update to 1.5 if possible.

If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail the admins at admin (at)


New Wiki + Minecraft 1.5

In case you haven’t watched Week 29 of The Snapshot, Minecart Rapid Transit is proud to announce the formation of a wonderful wiki!

The wiki is open to Members and above to edit, and anyone can view it. Staff members have Organizer privileges on the wiki. Please let me know of any issues.

The wiki address is Once again, Members+ can become editors of the wiki. Guests and banned players may not join the wiki. You only need an account/membership to edit, not to view.

In addition, Minecraft 1.5 is set to hit your launcher within the next 24 hours. This update brings about tons of new changes and is the third major update in the history of the MRT. As usual, please do not update your client to 1.5 if you want to continue playing on the MRT after the update is released tomorrow. You can use MultiMC or Magic Launcher if you would like to keep your 1.4.7 setup, but also have access to 1.5’s new redstone mechanics. If you want to keep playing on the MRT, you need to stay on 1.4.7!

As of now, we are estimating that the MRT will be updated around April 22. This is not a guaranteed date, so please watch the website and Snapshot for updates. The actual date of the update depends on the availability of CraftBukkit and our plugins, which have been changed significantly within the last few months.