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Server Migration Status

Hey guys, The minecraft server is back up and open to the public! Come on in and connect to Minecraft Server: UP Dynmap: UP Website: UP Wiki: UP Mumble: UP (although it has a mind of its own and may be offline at times) Thanks, Frumple

IMPORTANT: We are moving to a dedicated server!

Hey guys, I’m pleased to announce that we are moving the MRT Server to a dedicated machine! The migration will happen next weekend during an extended maintenance period from Thursday, March 28th to Saturday, March 30th. The following services will be DOWN during this time: Minecraft Server This website ( […]

New Wiki + Minecraft 1.5

In case you haven’t watched Week 29 of The Snapshot, Minecart Rapid Transit is proud to announce the formation of a wonderful wiki! The wiki is open to Members and above to edit, and anyone can view it. Staff members have Organizer privileges on the wiki. Please let me know […]