IMPORTANT: We are moving to a dedicated server!

Hey guys,

I’m pleased to announce that we are moving the MRT Server to a dedicated machine! The migration will happen next weekend during an extended maintenance period from Thursday, March 28th to Saturday, March 30th. The following services will be DOWN during this time:

  • Minecraft Server
  • This website (
  • Dynmap (
  • Wiki (

The Mumble server will NOT be affected by the migration and will remain online during this time. We will try to keep you guys updated on the migration via the Mumble server but hopefully everything will be back up and running by the 30th.

Chief (@chiefbozx) and Thomas (@thomasfyfe) will be tweeting updates about the maintenance as well in case you can’t join Mumble during the week

The new server should help reduce lag in general, but we will also be increasing the server’s render distance and adding/updating plugins. We will likely still be at Minecraft 1.4.7 after the migration, but we will try to update to 1.5 if possible.

If you have any further questions, feel free to e-mail the admins at admin (at)