Monthly archives: April 2013

Update-related announcements

So if you haven’t seen the previous post, please read it, because it’s fairly important. However there are three announcements I would like to make regarding the update.

  1. The texture pack has been updated. Link:, or the sidebar. This is a straight port, I have literally not touched any of the files, so please ensure you keep the 1.4 and 1.5 packs separate! I do have a glowstone retexture in the works and plan on releasing it soon.
  2. New plugin: EasyElevator! See the demonstration outside of Spawn Station to see what this new plugin is all about, and to try out elevators.
  3. Critical bug: Stations not working. MRT, most LRT, MyT, EST, TC, and most local metro systems are not working because of a Bukkit bug. You can track it on Leaky if you want – it’s issue number 4161.

So those are the announcements. Look for the Snapshot soon!


New Rules Up for Debate

Hey all,

So… we’ve updated. Hooray. Lots of new things are being put in across the server, including new flooring in Spawn Station, elevators in tons of buildings within Spawn City, and hoppers in my office. (Someone decided that it would be a good idea to encase my desk in hoppers.)

Anyway, one of the things that we want to overhaul is the rules. Right now, they’re fine, but there are a lot of rules and some of them are rather complicated. We’d like to simplify them so that they are clearer, shorter, and easier to understand. After much discussion during (and after) a staff meeting a couple of weeks ago, we have finally come up with a set of rules that we would like to propose. Rather than simply implement the rules, we would like community involvement, so the rules proposal has been posted on the wiki. Any community member is welcome to vote and debate in the rules on the associated talk page of the wiki. If you have any questions about how to use it, please ask me.

We will implement the rules at some point soon, after enough discussion has occurred, or if unanimous support comes from the community. Please take part in the discussion!

Link to proposed rules: [[Minecart Rapid Transit:Proposed rules]]
Link to debate page: [[Minecart Rapid Transit talk:Proposed rules]]


MRT Wiki 2.0

So most of you have seen our wiki, yes? The one we announced a little less than a month ago?

Since we have completed our migration to the new dedicated server, I have been working on our brand-new wiki and am pleased to announce that it is finally open and ready for everyone to start editing.

The wiki is now locally hosted, and it runs MediaWiki (the same interface that Wikipedia uses). If you’re familiar with MediaWiki, we would love your help getting some key articles up. If not, MediaWiki is relatively easy to learn. Unfortunately, if you registered on the other wiki you do need to register again to edit articles.

The new wiki is located at When registering please use your Minecraft name as your username. Note that underscores are converted to spaces, and the first letter will be automatically capitalized. (For instance, “_MajorMagpie_” becomes “MajorMagpie”, and “Tom_Pairs” becomes “Tom Pairs”.)

Please let me know either through wiki://User talk:Chiefbozx, Twitter, email or MRT Mail if any issues arise with the wiki. Otherwise, enjoy!