Proposed Rule Changes – Final Draft

Hey all,

The staff members and I have finally come up with a final draft for the proposed rule changes to the server. We believe that these changes will make the rules clearer and easier to understand, and we also believe we’ve found a compromise that makes all sides happy in the infamous “road/rail debate” that has happened in the last few weeks.

Read the final rules proposal here.

Please read the whole document, and we would appreciate if you could send your feedback (both positive and negative) to the administrators by e-mail at admin [at] The proposal will be available to the public for about one week, and if the feedback to this proposal is generally positive, we will be bringing these rules into effect soon afterward.

Thank you to all members and staff members who have provided their feedback up to this point and contributed to this document. I hope these changes will be acceptable by most of you, and we can move forward from this debate and go on to do greater and more fun things as a community.