Quick update re: dynmap

Hey everyone,

If you look at our Dynmap right now, you’ll notice that there are a few lines missing: the MRT Green, Blue and Red lines are currently not on the map.

This week I will be redrawing these lines and updating the station markers to reflect the changes that have been made to the system. The MRT lines will be back by the end of the week, with all of the stations and lines just the way they were (properly layered this time).

I will also be drawing some smaller metros on dynmap, but they will be hidden by default. Hopefully this will include roads as well. My planned list at the moment includes:

  • TerminusConnect
  • MyTransit
  • EST, both lines
  • Cyan Line
  • Both LRT lines (780 and 790)
  • Robin’s Hill Metro
  • BTRail
  • Orange Line, when it’s done
  • Purple Line, when it’s done

Please let me know through MRT Mail if you would like your line added. Don’t forget to register for PVP and Wheel of Fortune – you don’t have much time left to do it! The registration link for PVP is http://mrt.challonge.com/AnniversaryPVP, and Wheel of Fortune isĀ http://mrt.challonge.com/mrtwheeloffortune.