Monthly archives: June 2013

Next Staff Meeting announced

Hey all,

The next staff meeting will take place this Saturday, June 29th, at 4pm GMT. As usual, the meeting will be closed to only admods for most of the duration, but we will take questions and suggestions from the public in Mumble afterwards.

We will be discussing several topics, which may include:

  • The future of the Mumble Server (since it expires in July)
  • Planning for the Anniversary Events
  • Status of the beta server and new plugins
  • Nominations for promoting players to Trusted and Mod ranks
  • Clearing old warnings from players
If you would like to nominate other players for the Trusted or Moderator rank, please send an e-mail to Please remember that the standard rules for the Trusted rank still apply (must be a member for 1 month and have no warnings), and also remember that the decision for choosing new Trusteds and Moderators ultimately lie with the admods and myself.

PVP Tournament!

Hey guys —

Well, it’s that time already. The PVP tournament is about to get underway! A few reminders before you check the bracket, find your opponent and square off:

  • As I tweeted, the Snapshot w43 is delayed about 12 hours because of the arena setup. Everything should be good to go for spectating and playing PVP in a few arenas. The majority of them are missing a setting or two and are disabled, however they should all be up and running within 24 hours (there’s just a massive amount of copying and pasting that needs to happen).
  • You need to find me and figure out what arena you are in before you can start playing. You have all been randomly assigned arenas for your matches.
  • To play your match, I need to watch it from the spectator’s box. I’ll post scores to Challonge as soon as the match ends.
  • Your Challonge predictions are now publicly viewable.
  • Classes are final; they will not be edited during the tournament.
  • You may play in the other arenas during the tournament, however please leave an arena if I ask you to do so.
  • And yes, PVPArena will come to the TFFA arenas soon 🙂

Please let me know if there are any issues with the arenas or tournament. Make sure I see your game – otherwise it won’t count!


Mumble server outage tomorrow

Hi all,

I’ve just been notified that the provider for our Mumble server will be performing maintenance on the server tomorrow. They will be taking the server off-line for about a 3 hour period, sometime between the following times:

Start: Friday 7th June 2013 @ 08:00 GMT [09:00 BST, 10:00 CEST, 04:00 EDT, 03:00 CDT, 01:00 PDT]
End: Friday 7th June 2013 @ 17:00 GMT [18:00 BST, 19:00 CEST, 13:00 EDT, 12:00 CST, 11:00 PDT]

During the maintenance, the provider will performing some software upgrades, including updating the Mumble server to 1.2.4.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks,