PVP Tournament!

Hey guys —

Well, it’s that time already. The PVP tournament is about to get underway! A few reminders before you check the bracket, find your opponent and square off:

  • As I tweeted, the Snapshot w43 is delayed about 12 hours because of the arena setup. Everything should be good to go for spectating and playing PVP in a few arenas. The majority of them are missing a setting or two and are disabled, however they should all be up and running within 24 hours (there’s just a massive amount of copying and pasting that needs to happen).
  • You need to find me and figure out what arena you are in before you can start playing. You have all been randomly assigned arenas for your matches.
  • To play your match, I need to watch it from the spectator’s box. I’ll post scores to Challonge as soon as the match ends.
  • Your Challonge predictions are now publicly viewable.
  • Classes are final; they will not be edited during the tournament.
  • You may play in the other arenas during the tournament, however please leave an arena if I ask you to do so.
  • And yes, PVPArena will come to the TFFA arenas soon 🙂

Please let me know if there are any issues with the arenas or tournament. Make sure I see your game – otherwise it won’t count!