Monthly archives: July 2013

New mod e-mail, and upcoming timelapse recordings!

Hey everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve finally setup an e-mail address to allow you guys to message the moderators. The address is mod [at] Messages sent to this address will be forwarded to all mods, admins, and myself.

In other news, since the server is now 1 year old, I’ve decided to record a new series to timelapse videos for all the MRT lines, similar to the ones I did before I started the server. If you haven’t seen the old ones before, check them out here.

This time around though, I will be recording the timelapse live on the server, with you guys and your creations as the stars. I will also be recording TWO videos for each MRT line: A traditional timelapse video where I ride the line, and an overhead flythrough video where I focus on the cities, towns, and other structures that people have built near the line.

Just some rules you should be aware while I’m recording the videos:

  • DO NOT fly too close in front of me while I’m recording,  shoot arrows, spawn mobs, or throw potions, snowballs, fireworks, anvils, explosives, or any other items in my view. Offenders will be kicked immediately and may be given warnings.
  • While I am recording the timelapse videos, please do NOT ride the MRT line in the same direction I am heading. You may however, travel in the opposite direction, so you can show up in the video. 🙂

I plan to start recording this weekend, starting with the Blue Line Timelapse and Flythrough. Here is a tentative schedule of the recording dates. Each recording will start at 3:00 pm GMT (9:00 am PDT, 12:00 pm EDT, 5:00 pm CET). Note that these dates and times are subject to change:

  • Saturday, July 27: Blue Line Timelapse
  • Sunday, July 28: Blue Line Flythrough
  • Saturday, August 3: Green Line Timelapse
  • Sunday, August 4: Green Line Flythrough
  • Saturday, August 10: Yellow Line Timelapse
  • Sunday, August 11: Yellow Line Flythrough
  • Saturday, August 17: Red Line Timelapse
  • Sunday, August 18: Red Line Flythrough

Hope to see you guys then!




Anniversary Events Schedule

Hey everyone,

The server will be one year old as of this Sunday, July 14th. To celebrate, we are holding a series of events this weekend for everyone to enjoy!

Here is the current schedule of events (note that event times may be changed or cancelled without prior notice in case the organizer doesn’t show up):

Saturday July 13th (all times in GMT)

  • Midnight – Deal or No Deal (hosted by Boss)
  • 4:00 pm – Team PVP (hosted by McYoshi)
  • all day – 2nd Round of Anniversary PVP (hosted by Chief)

Sunday July 14th (all times in GMT)

  • Midnight – Deal or No Deal (hosted by Boss)
  • 3:00 am – Opening of MRT International Airport (hosted by Boss)
  • 3:00 pm – Fireworks Display at Y9 (hosted by McYoshi)
  • 7:00 pm – Opening of the 30th Floor Puzzle Map (hosted by McYoshi)

There will also be other events happening on-the-fly, including a “Mystery Event”. Details about these events will be revealed later.

Thanks and see you then!

Updates, updates, updates

Updates! Get your updates here!

  • 1.6 has hit the launchers! Actually, you need a new launcher to use it, which makes it all the more easy to switch between versions – since the new launcher supports 1.5.2! If you want to continue to play on the server (or join), make sure you use the old launcher, or select 1.5.2 from the version list before signing in. We’re hoping to update in early August or late July, depending on plugins.
  • PVP arenas are now fully functioning, so tournament players: please find your opponent and have your match if you have not done so already. I would like us to move into the second round on the anniversary, so please have your games done by July 12 if at all possible.
  • Dynmap renders are now done automatically every day! While they don’t provide a live, up-to-the-minute snapshot of the server, you can still see your builds progress as time goes on. More transit systems should be drawn in over the coming weeks.
  • MRT Mail is fully finished, now with tons of services for you to use! See [[MRT Mail]] for all of the information you need.
  • Voice chat: While we try to figure out what platform we will use (TeamSpeak and Mumble are our main contenders) to replace the current server, please continue to use the “old” Mumble server until instructed otherwise.
  • We are pleased to welcome yeamanator132 to the staff as a Moderator! He will be trying out the position over the next few weeks to see if he is a good fit for, and would like to become, a full member of the staff. Congratulations!