Server World Download now available

Hey folks,

A new server world download is now available on the Map Downloads page. This world was taken from August 13, 2013, and accompanies a new update video on my channel. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to produce a MCMapDZ render this time because MCMapDZ hasn’t been updated since 1.3, and the other mapping tools I’ve tried weren’t good enough for my purposes.

In other news, 1.6 is coming soon to the server, probably in the next few weeks. In case you didn’t know, we do have a separate beta server running that we use to test out new Minecraft versions and Bukkit plugins before bringing them to the main server. The address for the beta server is:┬áSome members have already gained access to the beta server before after completing a quest on the server, but the newer members may not be aware of it. I think now is the time to reveal the beta server to all so we can get more folks testing out the newest features. Please note that the rules on the beta server are the same as the main server, except that griefing and experimentation are allowed on the beta server. However, please keep in mind that the point of the beta server is to test out new features, so don’t just go on there just to grief and cause problems.

Finally, as I mentioned before, I’ll be wrapping up the recording of the new timelapse and flythrough videos for the 4 MRT lines this weekend. I will start releasing these videos on my channel next week, so stay tuned for that.