1.6.2 Update and other major changes!

Hey everyone,

We’ve finally updated the server to Minecraft 1.6.2! Horses everywhere!!!

In addition, we’ve made some rather major changes with regards to teleports, warps, and other things:

  • The [Request] channel has been disabled due to abuse. Please POLITELY ask a staff member for any requests in general chat.
  • Rule Change: You can no longer ask staff for teleports. Instead, use the new /call command to request a teleport to other players.
  • We have switched to a new warp plugin and all old warps and warp signs will no longer work. Please be patient while the staff re-create all public warps and warp signs.
  • [Mayors] and [Trusteds] can now set up their own private warps. This replaces the town-specific warps for mayors. For more info on how to set up private warps, please see the Commands page.