December GSM

Good evening! I hope you have had a good, train-filled day. I’ve had a good day but haven’t had the chance yet to go ride a train. Looks like I need to go take care of that…

Anyway – actual news – We have our final GSM of 2013 coming up.┬áThe date is still up in the air so please hold tight as we get our schedules aligned. We’ll let you know as soon as we can of what the date is via MOTD, Spawn, and our social network channels. As usual we are accepting nominations from our community for the Trusted ranks, so if you have any nominations of players who you believe deserve the Trusted tag, please send them to us. We are not accepting nominations for the Moderator rank at this meeting.

If you want to send nominations, you must do so here: We are not accepting nominations through email, as they tend to fill up our inboxes for at least three weeks leading up to a meeting.

Tentative dates are being tossed around at the moment, so please hold tight; we’ll get you a finalized date as soon as we can.