The MRT Orange Line

Dynmap as of December 31, 2013

If you take a look at Dynmap, you will notice that a new set of icons has been added: 21 flags and a big orange line. We have finished the MRT Orange Line after many months of inactivity and delay – just in time to ring in the new year!

This line serves the north and west edges of the map, similar to the Green Line. It has 21 MRT v4.2 stations, 6 of which are transfer stations. The line’s 21 stations are, from northeast to southwest:

  1. MRT International Airport (G2)
  2. Foobar (Y4)
  3. Barrow (Y5)
  4. Alcraft
  5. O5
  6. O6
  7. North Pole
  8. Riverend
  9. O9
  10. O10
  11. Plainscity (B4)
  12. O12
  13. O13
  14. O14
  15. Atlantis (R4)
  16. O16
  17. Dept of Defense
  18. Whelburn (G22)
  19. Cyan Campus
  20. Eisitasi Base
  21. Eisitasi

I’d like to thank Just_robinho for doing most of the construction required for this project and all of the station maintenance leading up to the line’s opening, as well as everyone else involved for their patience and approval of the project. Thank you!

All Orange Line stations were claimed this morning (December 31). We will be holding an official opening ceremony at O1/G2 on January 11 before the GSM.

See you then!