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Administrative Staff Meeting

Hey everyone!

Update: Trusted nominations are now closed. Thank you for participating in the Trusted nomination process! We will let everyone know of the recipients of Trusted after the meeting.

Update: The ASM date has been changed. The meeting will now occur on Saturday, February 1 at 4:00 PM Central time (10:00 PM UTC). Learn what time that is for you here. Trusted nominations will still close Friday, January 31.

We have an Administrative Staff Meeting coming up next Saturday evening, Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 4:00 PM Central time – note the time change! This ASM is a chance for administrators to have a meeting about current ongoings, so that we can address them appropriately. Some of the things we will be discussing are:

  • Revising the Warning Policy (see below).
  • Promoting players to Trusted. (Do this at until this Friday, January 31. You can nominate players who currently have one warning, as our draft Warning Policy – see below – allows that.)
  • Clearing some old warnings.

The Warning Policy, for those of you who don’t know what it is, is the policy we follow when it comes to issuing warnings. At the moment it states:

  • Staff members have the power to issue a Warning, which is official instruction to stop doing something that is against the rules.
  • Warnings are “active” from the date they are issued until the date they are cleared, which is roughly two months later.
  • Players who have one active warning are demoted to the Member rank. If they have supporter benefits, they are demoted to the Member+ rank.
  • Players who have three active warnings are temporarily banned from the server for 1 week. This temporary ban cannot be appealed.
  • If, after receiving a temporary ban, another warning is issued, the player is indefinitely banned. This indefinite ban can be appealed 30 days after it is issued.

We wish to change the third item in the list to the following:

  • Players who have one active warning have just that – a warning.
  • Players who have two active warnings (or one warning for a major rule violation, such as griefing or blatant disrespect) are demoted to the Member/Member+ rank.
  • Players who have three active warnings are temporarily banned. If a fourth warning is  issued, the ban becomes permanent.

In other words, players won’t lose their Mayor or Trusted benefits until they accumulate two active warnings.

I hope to enact this warning policy at the ASM next week. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please e-mail admin+policy [at] We don’t bite (or warn you for asking us questions), I promise!

The ASM will be admins only, so unfortunately we don’t plan on releasing a recording of our meeting. However, afterwards we will take questions as usual.


Announcements for February

Good evening! A couple of announcements and reminders.

First, regarding supporters: Thank you to all who have already supported us. We have offset $391 out of $1650, totaling a 24% offset of our expenses to date. This means that we have offset all of our PieLayer (old VPS) payments, completely covering our first 9 months of being online. THANK YOU!! If you still want to support us, tomorrow is the last day to do so until Frumple heads off on vacation, during which time the supporter center will be closed.

Second: The administrators (not all staff) will hold an Administrative Staff Meeting (ASM) on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 6pm Central Standard Time. This will be a quick meeting of us three administrators, probably not much more than half an hour in length, where we’ll clear old warnings from early December, promote players to the Trusted rank, and discuss some of the changes we’ll be making to the rules when we perform our Multiverse Update. Nominations will open tomorrow (Friday, January 17) and will close two weeks later (Friday, January 31). Recipients will be announced the evening of Tuesday the 4th. As always, you can nominate players for the Trusted rank at

Third: We are currently testing Multiverse on our beta server. This will likely not be running while Frumple is away, but if you’d like to test it in the meantime, connect up to in your Minecraft client, and use the command /mv tp new to get to the new world. Use /mv tp mrt to get back. Please report any oddities to the administrators via email at the address admin+beta [at] (the +beta allows our clients to flag the message).

Finally, a reminder that I, Thomas and ComputerGhost are in charge of the server while Frumple is away. Please email questions or concerns to the admin address as usual, as all four of us receive all the things sent to that address. I will be monitoring my inbox closely, so you can also shoot me a personal message (send it to the chiefbozx address) if you need a one-on-one answer.

Have a good weekend – and students, good luck on your second semester.
– Chief

January GSM Results

Hi all,

The January GSM has been held. A recording of the public portion of this meeting is now available here. The results of this meeting are as follows:

We have 3 new [Mod]s! Please give a warm welcome to:

  • _frozen
  • BaronThamesBank
  • cal76

We’ve promoted 4 new members to the [Trusted] rank! Congratulations to:

  • LDShadowLord
  • Music3_0
  • wilywonker
  • Zaneus

Also, all warnings from November 2013 and before are now officially cleared. If you had a warning from this period and want to be re-promoted back to [Mayor], please contact an [Admin] and they will be happy to help.

Results from the January 2013 Inactive Build Auction are now available here. Please note that there will not be a February build auction, the next one will likely be held in March.

Finally, once again, I’ll be on vacation from January 24th to February 21st. The [Admin]s will be in charge during this time. Please note that the Buycraft Portal for buying supporter ranks will be closed on January 17th, so be sure to get your contributions in before then. The Buycraft Portal will re-open on February 22nd.

That’s all for now. Thanks!


Reminder: January GSM and Auction

REMINDER: We will be holding our official Orange Line opening ceremony tomorrow shortly before the meeting. It should be at about 8:30 PM GMT at G2-O1 Station, the north terminus of the new line. If you want to see a timelapse of the northern part of the line, have a video!

UPDATE: Nominations for Trusted/T+ and Moderator promotions will close at 8:30 PM GMT today. We will also accept January Inactive Build Auction bids until 8:30 PM GMT (see below for more details).

Hey guys! We have a GSM coming up this Saturday, at 9:00 PM GMT. (You can find out what time that is for you at This will be our first GSM of 2014 and we will be allowing members to listen in on the first part of the meeting like last time.

We are auctioning a couple more buildings. Head to to see what’s up for auction. If you’re interested in something, and you didn’t win anything from the December auction, email mod+auction[at] with your build plan. Please do this as soon as possible. We’ll add your name to the list so long as we get your message by Friday, January 10.

We are also accepting both Trusted and Moderator nominations. If you want to nominate another player, please head to and fill out the form once for each player you’re nominating. We will accept nominations through Friday, January 10.

Finally, as the supporter system will be disabled while Frumple is on vacation, those of you wishing to support us should read our Supporter Policy and make your contributions by Friday, January 17.

We look forward to the meeting. See you then!


World Download and Some News

Hi all,

A new world download, taken on January 4th, 2014, is now available. Head to the World Downloads page for a link.

The next General Staff Meeting (GSM) will be held on Saturday, January 11th, 2014. Once again, we will open up the first parts of the meeting to the public to listen in on. The topics in that part of meeting will include:

  • I (Frumple) will be on vacation from January 24th to February 21st. We will discuss a plan for the server during my vacation.
  • Spawn City Rejuvenation Project: _MajorMagpie_ is heading a plan to repurpose various areas of Spawn City for new development.
  • More Multiverse Discussion: Some more details about MRT v5.0, and how the new world will be setup.
  • Prism Plugin: Most members don’t know this, but we installed a new block-logging plugin called Prism when we updated to 1.7.4. It has some quirks right now, but generally provides much more powerful functionality and tracking than CoreProtect.

On a final note, Omricon has officially resigned from the moderator position. He will be busy heading off to military school, so we wish him the best of luck!