January GSM Results

Hi all,

The January GSM has been held. A recording of the public portion of this meeting is now available here. The results of this meeting are as follows:

We have 3 new [Mod]s! Please give a warm welcome to:

  • _frozen
  • BaronThamesBank
  • cal76

We’ve promoted 4 new members to the [Trusted] rank! Congratulations to:

  • LDShadowLord
  • Music3_0
  • wilywonker
  • Zaneus

Also, all warnings from November 2013 and before are now officially cleared. If you had a warning from this period and want to be re-promoted back to [Mayor], please contact an [Admin] and they will be happy to help.

Results from the January 2013 Inactive Build Auction are now available here. Please note that there will not be a February build auction, the next one will likely be held in March.

Finally, once again, I’ll be on vacation from January 24th to February 21st. The [Admin]s will be in charge during this time. Please note that the Buycraft Portal for buying supporter ranks will be closed on January 17th, so be sure to get your contributions in before then. The Buycraft Portal will re-open on February 22nd.

That’s all for now. Thanks!