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General Staff Meeting Agenda and Results

Hi all, Here is the agenda for the public portion of today’s GSM. The results of the meeting will be posted later at the bottom of this post: Frumple’s Message to the Server Proposals to Revamp Rules, Ranks, and Warning/Ban Policy Adding an Economy to the MRT (presented by computerghost […]

Next GSM

Hey everyone, The next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, March 29th at 9pm GMT. At this meeting, I will be proposing a new set of rules and ranks that will take effect when we open up the new world on the server. I’m still finalizing the […]

Bring on the pictures of trains!

And other things, but I like train pictures. Hey guys, Chief here with a very cool announcement! I have created a Google Group for us to use – to share documents, photos, videos, and carry out discussions on pretty much all of the things. You need a Google account to […]

New Administrator and scheduled downtime this Friday

Correction: Due to a mix up, the update will be performed on Saturday, March 7th at around 3am GMT. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hi everyone, I’m pleased to announce that we now have a new administrator! Please give your congratulations to Tom_Pairs! In other news, just a heads up to […]

March GSM Results

Hello all, I’m now back from my trip from Europe, and I now have the results of our latest General Staff Meeting from March 1st, 2014. The recording for the public portion of the meeting is available here. First off, we had to make some difficult decisions regarding the construction […]