March GSM Results

Hello all,

I’m now back from my trip from Europe, and I now have the results of our latest General Staff Meeting from March 1st, 2014. The recording for the public portion of the meeting is available here.

First off, we had to make some difficult decisions regarding the construction of new High Speed Lines (aka: Bullet Trains propelled diagonally using pistons), and Arenas and Stadiums on the server.

Effective immediately:

  • The creation of any new high speed lines is now banned. Existing lines may remain.
  • The creation of any new arenas and stadiums is now banned. Existing stadiums can be finished to completion.

We have banned high speed lines because of the potential lag and maintenance issues that they cause. We have banned any new arenas and stadiums because the current map is running out of space, and we will instead turn the privilege of constructing a stadium into a perk for one of the ranks in the new rank system. We are still finalizing the details of the new rank system, but basically players will be able to build a stadium on the new world once their city has reached a certain size and criteria.

If you have any questions regarding these bans, please let us know at admin [at]

Further work and discussions about preparing for Multiverse are continuing. I will try to set up the beta server again for not only more Multiverse testing, but also to test out plugins for keeping track of warnings.

Finally, we have promoted the following members to the [Trusted] rank:

  • MushroomBob
  • Hunter_X
  • megascatterbomb
  • tauqua
  • logiblocs

Congratulations to all five of you!