Bring on the pictures of trains!

And other things, but I like train pictures.

Hey guys, Chief here with a very cool announcement! I have created a Google Group for us to use – to share documents, photos, videos, and carry out discussions on pretty much all of the things. You need a Google account to get set up, and Trusted members will be able to see your email address, but not your real name.

To get started, head on over to and click the blue “Apply to join group” button. Please fill out the question at the bottom, it’s rather easy, I promise 🙂

I’ll clear you out as soon as I can, I get emailed whenever there’s a new member, so unless I’m asleep it shouldn’t take me much more than an hour to approve you. Once you’re in, push the red button to make a post, and that’s it.

Nominations will still be handled on -MRTNominate, until I start writing more code. *heehee*

Please get in touch if you have any questions or issues with the new Group.