Monthly archives: April 2014

GSM May 3rd 9pm GMT

Our next General Staff Meeting or GSM will be this Sat May 3rd.

We are reversing the direction of the agenda so we will have our private (staff only) section first starting at 9PM GMT after that roughly an hour or more later depending on how many times we go off topic. We will announce any results of our private meeting and go into our public meeting roughly around 10 PM GMT. Then we will have our Q&A right after the public section. so start getting your questions in.

Again: The public section of the meeting begins at 10 PM GMT.

We are still accepting nominations for Trusted promotions through May 2.


Heartbleed and 1.7.6

Minecraft 1.7.6 has hit your launchers. This version of the game brings network and server support for name changes – a much-requested feature – which will become fully available through Mojang in the near future.

As the network protocol has changed, we advise you to not update to 1.7.6 yet, as 1.7.6 will not be able to communicate with our server. As usual, we are actively watching Bukkit and our plugin pages for updates, and we will let you know when we are ready to go to 1.7.6. (For newer players, generally we wait to update until we have stable versions of Bukkit and our plugins. We’ll usually update Beta first, and if all goes well, the main server will quickly follow.)

To retain 1.7.5 and connect to the main server:

  1. In the lower left corner of your launcher, click “New Profile”.
  2. Name it “MRT”, “1.7.5”, or whatever you want in the window that pops up.
  3. Under “Game Version”, change it to “release 1.7.5”.
  4. Click “Save Profile”.
  5. Make sure that your new profile is selected in the bottom left (by the New Profile button). In the bottom right it should say “Ready to play Minecraft 1.7.5”. Click Play.
  6. You can now connect to the main server.

I will be publishing a Name Changes FAQ to the FAQ page later today.

On a security note, please change your passwords on the websites you care about. Because of a security issue that was recently found to have affected over 60% of The Internet, your passwords could have been stolen over the last couple of days. While there is no way to target a specific user, Minecart Rapid Transit cannot guarantee that your passwords for our services are safe. Please click here to change your password for the wiki. Mojang also recommends that you change your password for Minecraft, which can be done here.

For more information on Heartbleed (the security bug), head to Mojang also wrote a blog post, which can be viewed on