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Road/Rail Guidelines + Spawn City Link

An announcement and a question for you all.

First, a question. As you have no doubt seen on the Rules page, the Road Construction Guidelines and Rail Construction Guidelines are up for rewrite. Yep, it’s that time of year. My question to you all is: what thoughts do you have on these policies? Is there something that you think we should change? Anything unclear or missing? Please send us your thoughts to admin [at] All ideas are welcome and appreciated, and we try to incorporate as many ideas as we can into our policies. After all, it is your community, so you might as well have a say in it.

Also, if you have any feedback on the new rules or ranks, please send that to us so that we can make changes. So far in the two months of the ranks proposal being available we have received only 1 email. Again: admin [at] We promise, if you email us your suggestions or comments (even comments of praise), we won’t bite.

Ok, now the announcement: The Spawn City Link A Line is now complete. This is a circular line traveling throughout Spawn City and stopping at the major points of interest. You can get on the line from the southwest corner of Spawn Station – that’s the corner with the elevator. From the line you can access, in order (on the Inner Rail):

  • Civic Services – the mail center and national archives
  • Northern Trail – a walking path that goes all the way up to Robin’s Hill
  • Minecart Avenue – a little-developed neighborhood of Spawn City
  • Spawn City Park – right on the eastern edge of the city
  • Admod – the basement of the Admod Building
  • Theatre – home of the theater district
  • Industrial – home of the slightly-less-developed industrial district
  • Braun Llama – the basement of the Braun Llama Dome, which Frumple made a while back and kindly gave us a schematic for
  • SCTC – Spawn City Transit Centre, platforms A and B
  • Finance – the stock exchange and an area wide open for development
  • Greater West – home of Trusted Tower

You can also take the Outer Rail, which serves the above stops but in reverse order. Spawn City Link will eventually become the metro network of Spawn City. If you’re interested in building within Spawn City but have no idea where – just find a Link station, get an OK from any staff member, and start building.

Many of you have just finished (or are finishing) several weeks of AP / IB / A-level exams or other finals, so when you’re all finished, hop on (remember, we’re still on 1.7.5) and see what else is new.


Tomorrow/today is Train Day!

If you live in the US, it’s National Train Day on Saturday, May 10, 2014 – that’s tomorrow or today, depending on your time zone! So, if you can, go to your closest Amtrak station and check out the trains, or ride your local light rail if you have it.

More details of Train Day and event details are at or this Wikipedia article: wp:National Train Day.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t an official MRT event or anything, it’s actually sponsored by Amtrak.

Have fun, and always look both ways before crossing the train tracks!

– Chief

(Serious note though, there are some pretty important announcements in below posts, so if you haven’t read them yet you probably should.)

Addendum to GSM Results

Hi all,

I have still have some more announcements that I forgot to mention in the main GSM results post:

MinecraftYoshi26 has been demoted from the Moderator position. We thank Yoshi for his many contributions on the server as Moderator. More details about this demotion can be found in the GSM recording, or you may e-mail the admins at admin [at] if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Some members have expressed some confusion about one of the General Rules, namely “Do not reveal personal information in public.” To help clarify this, the rule has now been re-written to:

“Do not reveal any personally identifiable information.”

“Personally identifiable information” means any information that can be used to easily identify a person. This includes their real name, their address, their phone number, etc. Other information that is less likely to be personally identifiable, such as their birthday, the country/city they live in, the school they attend, etc. is okay to share, unless the person explicitly requests that information to be kept private. In this case, players are expected to be respectful of that person’s wishes.

Finally, I missed a few people in the [Trusted] promotions. The following Mayors have been promoted to [Trusted]:

  • tdtspeedy
  • Welcome99



Hi all,

The May General Staff Meeting has taken place, and I have a lot of important things to announce from this meeting. The recording for the public and Q&A portion of the meeting is available here.

NEW SERVER RULES ARE NOW IN EFFECT. These are pretty much the same rules proposed at the April GSM, including the new warning policy and abolishment of the Permanent Guest status. The only parts that are not currently in effect are the Road/Rail Construction Rules, which are still being determined, and the Restricted Build rules, which are tied to new ranks. The new ranks, of course, are not in effect until the new world is ready. Please be sure to read the NEW RULES on the website.

To coincide with the new rules, we’ve also updated our member application with additional questions.

The April Build Auction has concluded, and the results can be viewed here. The May Build Auction has now started, and some builds from the April auction have been carried over to the new auction. The May Build Auction will conclude at the next GSM, which will likely be scheduled near the beginning of June.

For the new ranks, the new [Trustee] rank has much more lenient requirements than the current Trusted rank. Since we’ll be moving to this new system eventually, I’ve decided to promote most Mayors to the [Trusted] rank.

Mayors who fulfill the following criteria are likely to be promoted:

  • Been with the server for a significant amount of time (at least 1-2 months).
  • Hasn’t had any recent warnings in the past 1-2 months.
  • Currently active on the server and visited within the past 1-2 months.
  • Works well with others on the server, and generally has a positive attitude.

The following 27 Mayors have been promoted to [Trusted]:

  • _ShadowQueen_
  • 6687kittycat
  • autobus22
  • bensismith
  • bestmate66
  • bryce_am
  • Carbooster751PC
  • cody___73951
  • diemundz
  • enjineer30302
  • epicslinkie
  • keentlewi
  • littlegopher1
  • Max4344
  • michealman
  • mjjo123
  • moonman58
  • nktrain
  • nopro988
  • paul123_crafter
  • SonicTornado
  • stoneman456
  • tarheelscouse
  • tell276
  • theon302
  • unit1224
  • Yoshilover_man

Congratulations to all of you!

Finally, all warnings issued from April 1st or earlier should now have been cleared. If you have a warning from before this date, please let a staff member know so they can clear it.

That’s all for now, thanks!

Proposed Ranks… in a spreadsheet!

Many of you have been asking about the new ranks which will go into effect when we launch Multiverse. So I took the rank proposal and made a spreadsheet! Note that this spreadsheet is not the final version of the ranks – many details are still up in the air, especially in the Governor and Premier ranks.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, we’d love to hear them! Please send them to admin [at]