Addendum to GSM Results

Hi all,

I have still have some more announcements that I forgot to mention in the main GSM results post:

MinecraftYoshi26 has been demoted from the Moderator position. We thank Yoshi for his many contributions on the server as Moderator. More details about this demotion can be found in the GSM recording, or you may e-mail the admins at admin [at] if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Some members have expressed some confusion about one of the General Rules, namely “Do not reveal personal information in public.” To help clarify this, the rule has now been re-written to:

“Do not reveal any personally identifiable information.”

“Personally identifiable information” means any information that can be used to easily identify a person. This includes their real name, their address, their phone number, etc. Other information that is less likely to be personally identifiable, such as their birthday, the country/city they live in, the school they attend, etc. is okay to share, unless the person explicitly requests that information to be kept private. In this case, players are expected to be respectful of that person’s wishes.

Finally, I missed a few people in the [Trusted] promotions. The following Mayors have been promoted to [Trusted]:

  • tdtspeedy
  • Welcome99