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August GSM Date

Our next General Staff Meeting will happen on August 9, 2014 at 10:00 PM GMT (preceded by a private discussion at 9 PM GMT). We’re getting closer to Multiverse with each GSM, and this one will discuss two big topics:

  • Final decision of new map seed
  • Final decision regarding TrainCarts

There may be additional details that get added to the agenda between now and then, so if you have anything you want admins to know or discuss, please send it to us at admin [at] You can also email us build transfer requests or ban appeals and we’ll discuss them at the meeting. All requests should go to the admin address, please don’t send them to a direct address or the mod address.

Also, as usual, we’ll take Trusted nominations (although we are phasing out the nomination system). Send those in to

See you then!


Congratulations… we’re 2 years old!

A quick announcement: Happy birthday, MRT.

For those feeling nostalgic, have an old news post. For those looking onward, see last GSM’s results and vote on our candidate seed. So far we’ve received quite a few votes, so keep them coming!

Also, we have announced the names of all five of our new mods in the GSM results, and the recordings of the public portion have been posted. Congratulations to all five of our new moderators: hawksfan1010jphgolf4321, lalaboy67, mfish125 and Music3_0!

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for a second-anniversary Snapshot, it will be coming soon as I’ve gotten distracted with FRC things and SimCity, as usual.

See you around!


July GSM results

The July GSM has concluded! We have a lot of exciting results to announce.

We have promoted five players to the Moderator rank! Congratulations to:

  • jphgolf4321
  • Music3_0
  • hawksfan1010
  • lalaboy67
  • mfish125

We have also promoted five players to the Trusted rank! Congratulations to:

  • Puffball5672
  • Skelezomperman
  • mustang_guy
  • Soleurs
  • MC_Protocol

We have also compiled our poll for the Final Candidate Seed for the new world. You can take a look at our favorite candidate seeds here, and vote in the poll here. Please note: the results of the poll are not binding; the final decision rests with the staff. The poll will remain open until our next GSM (which is tentatively scheduled for August).

Recordings for the public and Q&A portions of the GSM are now available below. Unfortunately, the Mumble server crashed in the middle of the public portion, so the recording has been split into two parts:


July GSM

Hi all,

The next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, July 12th at 10pm GMT.

We are actively looking for new moderators at this meeting, so if you have any nominations for people who you think would be a good Trusted member or Moderator, please fill out a form at:

Also in the agenda for this meeting:

  • More updates about the Gamma Server and the Candidate Seeds
  • Discussion on whether to use TrainCarts on the new server
  • 2nd Anniversary Plans (if there are any)