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November GSM Results, and a few reminders

Good afternoon everyone! For those in the US (and elsewhere that celebrates Thanksgiving) I hope you are enjoying your long weekend and the beginning of the shopping insanity!

Here’s the recording of the public portion for last week’s GSM. The results from the GSM are plentiful, so sorry in advance for the long post. You should read all of it, but in case you can’t, I’ve broken it up into headers. Here’s what you need to know.

Promotions to Senator

We considered 8 towns for promotion to [Senator] and are pleased to announce that 5 towns have advanced. Congratulations to:

  • _frozen of Whitechapel, A11
  • MinecraftYoshi26 of Huntington, C9
  • Cortesi of Airchester, C25 (and future Eastern Line)
  • Tom_Pairs of Achowalogen Takachsin, XE11
  • Music3_0 of Zaquar, which is currently not connected to the MRT but will eventually be on the Zephyr South line once it’s extended.

Please check out their towns when you get a chance! We hope to be promoting more players at the next GSM in a few weeks. Check the eligibility requirements on the Ranks page here.

If you requested a town review but did not get promoted, you need to re-apply (details coming soon). Remember that promotions are done based on effort, not build count, and make sure that you have a clear landmark in your city.


November 2014 GSM

Good morning! It’s snowing outside, so what better opportunity to announce details about a staff meeting!

Our next staff meeting is currently tentatively scheduled for Saturday, November 22, 2014 (that’s a bit under two weeks away). Included in the meeting will be our very first round of promotions to the [Senator] rank, as well as some general issue fixing and policy tweaks. We hope to start the public meeting on time at 10pm UTC this time around as well.

Here are the official eligibility requirements for [Senator]:

  • You must have received the [Mayor] rank on or before October 25, 2014. If you received Mayor on the 26th we may consider you if your city is exceptionally qualified.
  • You must have no active warnings against you. (Run /warnings in game to check your warnings status.)
  • Your city must have at least 40 unique builds.
  • Your city must have at least 10 businesses or residences owned by other players. While these don’t have to be 10 unique players, it is recommended.
  • Your city must have a unique, identifying landmark.

If you think your town meets these requirements, or will by the 22nd, please ask an admin in-game to add your city to the agenda. (If no admins, ask a mod, but there’s usually at least one admin online or near their computer most of the day.) You can email the admins if all else fails – please don’t use a direct address or your message will likely be lost.

We need to receive these requests by Saturday, November 22 and 8:00pm UTC, so that we have time to review your city. However, sooner is better, as this allows more staff to have input.

For those of you who are about to get a foot of snow dumped on them, drive safe – wait, don’t do that. Take the train instead! (Hint: it’s probably faster! Here are some handy links, maybe one of them might help you: MT | DTA | CTA | MTA | MARTA | TFL | BART)