A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

November GSM Results, and a few reminders

Good afternoon everyone! For those in the US (and elsewhere that celebrates Thanksgiving) I hope you are enjoying your long weekend and the beginning of the shopping insanity!

Here’s the recording of the public portion for last week’s GSM. The results from the GSM are plentiful, so sorry in advance for the long post. You should read all of it, but in case you can’t, I’ve broken it up into headers. Here’s what you need to know.

Promotions to Senator

We considered 8 towns for promotion to [Senator] and are pleased to announce that 5 towns have advanced. Congratulations to:

  • _frozen of Whitechapel, A11
  • MinecraftYoshi26 of Huntington, C9
  • Cortesi of Airchester, C25 (and future Eastern Line)
  • Tom_Pairs of Achowalogen Takachsin, XE11
  • Music3_0 of Zaquar, which is currently not connected to the MRT but will eventually be on the Zephyr South line once it’s extended.

Please check out their towns when you get a chance! We hope to be promoting more players at the next GSM in a few weeks. Check the eligibility requirements on the Ranks page here.

If you requested a town review but did not get promoted, you need to re-apply (details coming soon). Remember that promotions are done based on effort, not build count, and make sure that you have a clear landmark in your city.

Policy Changes

A few policy changes were made. They are:

Shared Municipality Policy (SMP)

SMP is a policy that allows players to share perks of their towns with each other, allowing them to create a bigger collaborative city. For full details on SMP, see this post. The changes are:

  • You can now have a shared municipality with just two players.
  • A district can only receive the perks of the rank above it. For example, if a 2-district city has a [Senator] district and a [Councillor] district, then the [Councillor] district cannot build stadiums or transit centers until it reaches the [Mayor] rank (the rank below [Senator]).

As always, you need to let admins know if your town is a shared municipality, otherwise you may receive a warning for building past your allowed rank. Please do so before your district reaches the [Mayor] rank at the very latest – although earlier is always better!

MRT Station Claims

Many of the great towns on the server are limited to only one MRT station, as that’s how it has been since the start of the new world. We love to see the expansion and growth of these towns, and so we are now allowing players to expand out to a second station if their town grows organically enough to reach it.

  • You may now have two (2) MRT station claims for your town.
  • Your second station claim is only recognized once your town has grown organically enough to reach it.
  • You may not build a road to the next station just to claim it.
  • Rule of thumb: If, at 8 chunk rendering distance, you can’t see your town from the new station (or vice versa), your town is too far away.
  • If you claim a second station, but do not build there, that claim is not recognized and other players are permitted to build there.

Multiple Towns

Some players are wishing to found another town: perhaps in another location of the server, perhaps under SMP, and perhaps just a different style of building. Whatever the reason, players are now allowed to be the Mayor of multiple towns once they reach specific rank thresholds.

  • You can start your first town right away as a [Member].
  • Once you reach the [Mayor] rank, you may start a second town.
  • Once you reach the [Governor] rank, you may start a third town.
  • There is a limit of three towns per player; if you reach the Governor or Premier ranks and want to build a fourth town, please get in touch with the admins.

You are allowed to be the Deputy Mayor of as many towns as you want as soon as you are a [Member], but keep in mind that each town you are DM of has its own duties and responsibilities.

Some other notes:

  • You may not build a second town close to your first for the sole purpose of later merging them together. They must be distinctly different towns that are very far apart from each other. We recommend building on the opposite side of the map, or at least ten or twelve MRT stations away from your current town.
  • Your towns progress through the ranks on their own, independent of each other, like districts in a shared municipality. You receive the rank of your highest-ranked town. However, unlike a shared municipality, perks are not shared between your own towns.

Reminder about the Wiki Ratings System

The wiki ratings system was created to help identify articles that needed a little work. We will be working to update it in the next few months, but for now, please keep these points in mind.

  • It’s more important that you put detailed, descriptive and accurate information in the wiki article than you worry about having a Diamond quality rating.
  • Anytime you change the rating code of a page, you need to explain why you are doing so in the edit summary. This will help others understand why you did so.
  • Discuss quality ratings before changing them, if possible. The talk pages are there for a reason!
  • You can change the quality of your own pages. Make sure you clearly explain why if you do so.

We will keep you posted on the update.

Old World News

Some projects are still continuing on the old world, so here are some updates on what’s going on there.

WorldEdit on Old World

Now that the new world has been open for a couple of months, some staff members are not performing WorldEdit jobs on the old world. We ask that you respect this, and consider moving your project to the new world. Keep in mind that the new world is the only world where builds are counted for rank progression.

Airports on Old World

Airports are allowed on the old world, and on the new world they are restricted to [Governor]s and above. We have now transferred primary management of the two major airport projects to:

  • Regional Airport at G20 and G21: 6687kittycat
  • International Airport at G2-O1: MinecraftYoshi26

If you are interested in building in a particular airport, talk to its new project head.

Finally, a couple of reminders

We want to remind you of a few important rules and policies.

  • Promotions are made based on effort, not build count. The build count is there as a guideline. When we looked at the towns for Senator, we were constantly asking, does this town feel like a small city? If yes, it was more likely to be promoted.
  • You can ask for Trustee nominations as soon as you are a Citizen. If you think you’re ready to get endorsements for the Trustee rank, you can begin asking others as soon as you reach the Citizen rank.
  • If you are endorsing multiple players, please do so all at once. Combine your endorsements into one email and we can enter them all at once. This will prevent our inboxes from exploding.

Phew, that was a lot. Our next meeting is still being scheduled, and we will let you know once we have a date set.