New Staff Mailing List and Request Forms

Hi all,

I’d like to announce some changes that will help members better communicate with the staff.

First, we have a new staff [at] e-mail address, which replace the old mod [at] address. E-mails sent to the staff list will still be sent to both moderators and administrators. The old mod mailing list will be removed by the end of week, so please be sure to update your address books accordingly.

Second, we now have new forms for submitting Trustee Endorsements, and for City Rank Promotion Requests (for Senator/Governor/Premier promotions):

Please use these forms instead of e-mail the staff directly. If you have recently sent an endorsement or request to staff by e-mail, then be assured that we have your request recorded in our system. However, any further endorsements or requests sent by e-mail from this point forward will not be honoured, and you will be directed to submit your request using these forms instead.

These forms are also available on the new Request Forms page.

If you have any questions about these new changes, please feel free to let us know.