Some Assorted Updates

Hi all,

Some assorted news updates to report:

The Buycraft Portal is now re-opened, and we are accepting supporter contributions once again. As we mentioned before, we have switched our payment gateway from Google Wallet to Stripe. Also as a bonus, thanks to a coupon code provided by Chief, we will not pay any transaction fees on our first $1000 dollars collected. So if you are planning on purchasing supporter benefits in the near future, know that 100% of your contribution will go towards offsetting our server costs.

On a related note, I’ve renewed our lease on the server and we should be up and running until at least April 15th, 2016. You can view a breakdown of all the server’s finances on the Server Finances Google doc.

Automated full dynmap renders have now been setup. Each world will be rendered separately on weekly basis on the following schedule:

  • Monday: ‘space‘ world from 5:55 am to 6:25 am UTC
  • Tuesday: ‘old‘ world from 5:55 am to 7:25 am UTC
  • Wednesday: ‘new‘ world from 5:55 am to 5:55 pm UTC
  • Thursday: ‘lab‘ world from 5:55 am to 6:25 am UTC
  • Friday: ‘games‘ world from 5:55 am to 6:25 am UTC

Also, warps from the spawn in the old world have now been finally restored. We’ve also brought back the emerald warp booths, and used the first booth to put in a warp to Arisa.

Finally, once again a reminder that you now only have 1 week to enter your submission for the Screenshot Contest. Rules and details for the contest can be found here. We currently only have 13 valid submissions, so please get them on to the subreddit before the cut-off date on February 28th!