A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

April GSM Roundup

Hey folks! We had a GSM today where we decided lots of things! So here’s what we decided, and what you need to know.

Here’s the public portion of the meeting.


We reviewed 10 towns for Senator, and promoted three. Congratulations to AlikSong of Kenthurst (XW10), jphgolf4321 of Laclede (T13), and KittyCat11231 of Nippia (ZN20 and ZN21)!

We reviewed 4 towns for Governor but did not promote any.

If you were not promoted, please talk to us! We have reasons of why you were not promoted and would love to help you figure out what you need to do to rank up. You are also welcome to ask us at any time about your town – even if it’s not GSM season – and we’re (usually) happy to point you in the right direction.

We also promoted MinecraftYoshi26 up to Moderator. Congratulations, and welcome back!

Promotions for the next meeting

We will be doing promotions for all ranks at the next meeting: Senator, Governor, Premier, and Moderator!

As of this meeting we are not automatically re-considering rejected applicants, so you do need to re-apply (sorry!).

For Senator, remember that we are looking for about 40 builds, about 10 residents and shops, and enough effort that makes your city feel like a small city. Road and metro systems are encouraged but not required.

For Governor, remember that we are looking for about 60 builds, about 10 residents and shops, and enough effort that makes your city feel like a big city. You are required to have an epic landmark for Governor, but you are allowed to start building it as soon as you’re ready.

For Premier, we are looking for the most epic cities on the server: about 100 builds or equivalent epic effort. They should also be expressive, planned, individual and culturally significant. Set them apart from the other cities around you, or around the new world!

For Moderator, you can email the admins your nominations, and your reasons for them.

Policy change for inherited towns

We are changing the policies related to town inheritance and how that affects your rank.

If you inherit a town from a banned player, or because they decide to give it up to you, you have full ownership of that town and can do whatever you want with it. You can choose to leave it alone or continue developing it in any way you see fit (including destroying builds as needed for development).

If you claim a town from an inactive player, through an inactive town audit, you become a caretaker of the town, which means you are responsible for developing the town in the same way as the owner originally intended.

Secondly, if you receive a town from another player, you won’t be promoted up to meet its rank right away. You’ll need to develop it quite a bit in order to get ranked up.

Password protected channels and all suggestive content are no longer allowed

Effective immediately, password-protected channels are no longer allowed.

In addition, we are formally banning ALL suggestive content on ALL services, including Minecraft, the wiki, and Mumble. If you are posting suggestive content, you may be warned or issued further punishments.


MineChat is officially discouraged, but not banned. You are responsible for your account security!

The reason we are discouraging MineChat is because it is not open-source and not owned by Mojang. As such, we can’t guarantee that your Mojang account credentials are safe.

Because you are putting your Minecraft credentials into a third-party app, there is a nonzero chance that the owners of the app can see and steal them (and then use them for their own purposes).

We are discouraging you from using MineChat for your own security. If you choose to use it, you are still responsible for anything that happens on your account. You have been warned.


Is coming. Chill.

We’re waiting on a couple more critical plugins to update, and unfortunately there is no known timeframe for these updates. As soon as we have information on them, we will pass it on to you.

That was a lot. Thanks for reading!