A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

We’re updating to 1.8.5 at the end of May!

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who helped test and submit bug reports on the Beta Server. After some extensive testing, I’m pleased to announce that we will be finally updating the main server to Spigot 1.8.5 sometime next weekend on May 30th or May 31st. The exact time of the upgrade will vary depending on my availability, but I will try to perform the upgrade earlier rather than later. Note that there will be likely a hour or two of downtime on the main server for the upgrade.

Please take note of the following changes on the Beta Server, which will all apply when we perform the upgrade to the main server:

  • BetterShops has been disabled, and will not be installed as part of the 1.8.5 upgrade on the main server. We will install BetterShops at a later date when version 2.0 of that plugin is available, which is expected later in June.
  • Spectator mode has been disabled for all non-staff. At some point in the future when the appropriate plugin is available, we may consider enabling spectator mode for non-staff, but with all teleportation functionality associated with that mode disabled.
  • As a precaution, Trustees and above will no longer be able to create/destroy Essentials signs that change gamemode. This permission has been moved to Moderators and above.
  • Members and above can now access any container, including chests, trapped chests, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, brewing stands, furnaces, jukeboxes, etc. Guests are still denied from accessing any container.
  • Players can now use the /chairs on and off command again. Please note that due to limitations in the new Spigot, your chairs on/off setting will NOT persist across login sessions. Every time you login, your chairs setting will default to “on”, so you must always manually run the command “/chairs off” if you want sitting turned off.
  • The dispensing of Fire Charges has been disabled to prevent griefing.
  • Slime blocks are now restricted to Trustees and above, just like Ice.

Once again, please take note of these known issues on the Beta Server and when we update:

  • WorldGuard greeting colour codes have been changed to correspond with Minecraft color codes. This is an intentional change by the plugin, and can only be fixed by manually updating all WorldGuard greetings by hand.
  • Rotating schematics with WorldEdit still causes rails to disappear.
  • Dispensers can still spawn villager spawn eggs.
  • Double stone slabs (43:8) cannot be held in your hand. Workaround: use Polished Andesite (1:6), or have it WorldEdited into place.
  • Custom maps that used black may need to be re-uploaded. The colors of maps have changed, and so black pixels may have changed to brown. This can be seen at Vermilion Gateway Airport (VER).

Thank you everyone for your patience in waiting for this update!