/title messages are now being tested

Hey folks!

One of the great features of 1.8 is the /title command, which is restricted to administrators with operator permissions (which must be set manually by the console). We are testing out /title as a supplement to WorldGuard station messages, to notify players of what station is next as they approach it.

/title-based announcements have been installed in two locations:

  • the Expo Line, between XW15 (Vermilion) and XW16 (West Vermilion), in both directions
  • the Arctic Line, between AX (Central City – Southwest) and A0 (Central City – Inchmuir Street), in both directions
  • the Circle LIne, between C48 (Astoria) and C49 (Southlake), in both directions

More test sites will be installed across the system over the next week or so, with one or two on each line. This post will be updated as more sites are installed.

Installation across the entire MRT system will take a long while (there are well over 450 stations!), so this is just a preliminary test to see how well it works. Please ride the MRT in the segments above, and let us know what you think!