A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

June GSM Results

Hi all,

The June General Staff Meeting has concluded. As always, the recording for the public portion can be downloaded here. Apologies for sounding like I’m in a fishbowl during the meeting, I had activated the wrong microphone on my computer. ūüôĀ

IMPORTANT: Please make note of the following rule changes and clarifications, effective immediately:

  • The rule “Do not claim areas that infringe on other people’s builds.” has been re-written to “Do not claim areas that are within 300 blocks of another town, unless you have permission from the mayor of that town.”¬†We have witnessed several cases where players establish new builds or towns that are way too close to other existing towns, or in areas where those existing towns planned to expand into. ¬†This rule does NOT mean you can just build towns 301 blocks away from an existing town. Please use your common sense and consult with your neighbours before establishing a new town.
  • Airfields are now banned. Existing airfields may stay unless staff determine that your airfield is unrealistic.
  • Flying machines powered by redstone and slime blocks are banned. These contraptions cause undesirable amounts of lag and fall under the existing ban for any type of “lag machine”.
  • Warp Trains (train systems that use warps to simulate travel instead of classic minecarts and rails) are allowed on the server. However, staff will only grant warps to such systems if there is an actual physical connection that has been built on the world, and this includes any rails, tunnels, etc. This policy will also apply to bus routes: staff will only grant warps to bus routes that have an actual road connection.

There was a post-mortem on the server’s 1.8.6 update:

  • After the update, the server experienced some crashes during times of heavier load such as the weekend. These crashes were caused by the server running out of memory, possibly caused by Minecraft 1.8.6 or one of our updated plugins. To fix this, Frumple has shut down the beta server and increased the main server’s memory from 4GB to 8GB. These crashes seem to no longer occur, but we will still be investigating on determining the causes. Until a solution is found, please note that the beta server will remain shut down, and we will not be adding any new plugins such as BetterShops.
  • We have heard several reports of warps randomly disappearing. This is likely a bug with the MyWarp plugin and we are looking for a solution to implement as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

There were also a few City Rank promotions:

  • mine_man_ has been promoted to [Senator] for his city of Elecna Bay.
  • SuperLenn has been promoted to [Senator] for his city of San Reinoldi.
  • creeperface_ has been promoted to [Governor] for his city of BirchView.

And a few roads have been approved to a certain extent:

  • A1 Northern Extension from BirchView to Nippia/Liten has been conditionally approved if the extension is re-routed to serve the towns of Heights City and Quiris at ZN14 and ZN15, respectively.
  • A88 from the Whitechapel Freeway to Kenthurst has NOT been approved as an A-road, but it can be built as a B-road with an offramp off the Whitechapel Freeway.
  • A9 from Laclede to Cornus has been approved. The remaining section from Cornus to Sealane has NOT been approved, pending a revised proposal to connect it to one of the existing highways, either the Whitechapel Freeway or the Central City Highway.
  • A942 from Laclede to Armada Quasar has been approved.

And a few inactive towns now have new owners:

  • Villedyn (F14) is now owned by Oj738heu.
  • Merrian (T14) is now owned by jphgolf4321.
  • South Oaksville (C46) is now owned by Vexpix.
  • Demonrise (T11) is now owned by TakenName (formerly known as Welcome99).
  • Vindex (A2-ZN2) is now owned by enjineer30302.
  • Los Doritos (XW4-D4-M4) is now owned by RLcrafters.
  • Unnamed Town (C18-XE20) is now owned by TonyTajiri.
  • Solarion (C16-XE18) is now owned by hntredtie.
  • Unnamed Town (C96) is now owned by autobus22.

Finally, some other news:

  • The transit rules proposal from the May GSM will be shelved for now due to mixed feedback from the members. To refresh everyone’s memory, the proposal called for a simplification of the rules where inter-city transit could only be built within an SMP before the Senator rank, and could only be built anywhere at Senator rank or above. Some amendments¬†to the proposal, such as a suggestion from jphgolf to ensure that Senators can build to any towns Councillor or above, will be considered for the next GSM.
  • Additional surfaces for uCars have been added.¬†They are¬†blocks of coal,¬†glowstone, double slabs for stone, cobblestone, netherbrick, and quartz. Unfortunately, I was unable to add the upper portion of netherbrick slabs to uCars, the plugin’s configuration doesn’t seem to support this.