Happy third birthday, MRT!

Just a quick post to say happy birthday, MRT, and thanks to everyone who has made this community so special.

Some interesting statistics about what has happened over the last three years:

  • We opened our doors on July 13, 2012, which is 1,095 days ago
  • There are well over 500 players at or above the Member rank
  • Over 1,000 unique players have visited the server over its lifetime
  • The MRT system has 17 lines in operation, with 3 more planned to be built in the future, and 2 more are proposed. Several have extensions planned as well.
  • There have been 33 comments to my AMA thread on the subreddit (which, by the way, is still going)
  • You (collectively) have contributed $1,085.16 towards server costs, which means we are 28.49% offset (as of April). If you (individually) would like to support us, you can purchase supporter benefits for as little as $10 on our Buycraft page.

Thanks for all you guys have contributed over the last three years – this community has really become something special. I hope you guys continue to have fun into the future!



(P.S. The backup Mumble server is about to expire. If you still have a configuration profile for it, please remove it, as that address will no longer work after Saturday. The main Mumble server will continue operating as normal.)