A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

September 2015 GSM Results

Hi all,

After a long summer, we’ve finally held a GSM after a hiatus of a couple months. Recordings for the public portion of the meeting are broken up into three parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Here are the relevant announcements:

A reminder about WorldEdit requests

Over the summer, we’ve had a influx of new members, while a lot of the admods were away or on vacation. This has resulted in the admods that do come online becoming overwhelmed with WorldEdit requests, with some of those requests being questionable in their validity.

To help alleviate the workload on our admods, I’d would like to remind all members of the following:

  • Please familiarize yourself with how WorldEdit works before asking for one. That is, ensure that you have points set up for your WorldEdit so that you do not waste the admod’s valuable time.
  • If you can do the WorldEdit yourself by hand in 10 minutes or less, then you do not need a WorldEdit. Admods reserve the right to refuse WorldEdit requests that are deemed too trivial.
  • Don’t ask for a WorldEdit right after an admod joins. Please respect the admod’s time and wait at least 10 minutes before asking for a WorldEdit.
  • Don’t ask for too many WorldEdits. Admods also want to come here to have fun and work on their projects, so please respect that.

For now, we haven’t given any recent warnings with regards to WorldEdit requests, but if we find that players are not heeding the above reminders, then we may have no choice but to do so. We are also looking to hiring additional active moderators to help with workload, but we will only hire people who are a good fit for the moderator position, first and foremost.

Helipads are now allowed in a restricted fashion for Senators

At the June GSM, we banned airfields and heliports altogether for the Senator rank due to players abusing the privilege and building unrealistic airfields. Some players have asked about the status of heliports, so we are allowing helipads on highly limited basis for Senators. Effective immediately, Senators may:

  • Build up to a maximum of 2 functional helipads (that is, with helicopters) per city.
  • Each helipad and helicopter must be realistic, and the helipad must built properly on top of a building.
  • Decorative helipads on top of buildings (“H” pads) are not restricted by this rule.
  • Existing helipads with helicopters are grandfathered in and do not have to be removed.


The admods approved some road proposals for this meeting. A proper map of these proposals may be made in the future, but for now, they are as follows:

  • A89/A892/A942 modifications from Whitechapel and Arctic Plains SMP north to Armada (proposed by _frozen)
  • A8/A850 extension from Whitechapel west to Ilirea along the coast (proposed by _frozen)
  • A5 from Central City south to Utopia (proposed by Narnia17)
  • A35 from Appleton east to Wampanaog and Airchester (proposed by hntredtie)

For others who submitted road proposals, either an admin has contacted you providing you the reasons why your proposal was rejected. If this has not happened yet, please e-mail the admins.

Town Auctions

The following inactive towns were granted to new owners:

  • F3/I3, formerly owned by Creeperwillie, has been given to MIKE24DUDE.
  • XW12, formerly owned by echominer99, has been given to ezzocraft.

New Moderator

After much discussion, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve promoted CortesiRaccoon to Moderator. Congratulations!

City Rank Promotion Requests are now open

We’re opening another batch of promotion request for Senator, Governor, and Premier ranks. You can submit your request using the City Rank Promotion Request Form. For this batch, we will be trying a different scheme where you will be given 2 weeks to submit an application, then 1 week will be given to the admods to properly evaluate all candidates. Therefore, please take note of the following deadlines:

  • Submissions for City Rank Promotion Batch #2 will be open from now until September 30th, 11:59pm UTC.
  • Candidates will be considered during the following week, and the final promotions will be announced on October 7th.

That’s all for now. As a heads up, the next General Staff Meeting is currently tentatively scheduled for October 17th, 2015 at 7pm UTC. Until then, take care.