City Rank Promotions – Batch #2

Hi all,

The second batch of City Rank promotions has been completed. No Premier candidates were submitted again this time around, but please welcome our newest Senators and Governors!

New [Senators]:

  • TonyTajiri
  • Ardyan
  • sesese9

New [Governors]:

  • mine_man_
  • RLcrafters

Feedback e-mails were sent to all candidates, regardless of whether they were promoted or not, so please check your inboxes for those e-mail if you have not yet done so.

Also, a reminder that the next GSM is tentatively scheduled for October 17th. The next batch of City Rank candidates will likely start right after the GSM.

Finally, kekkomatic will be holding a tour of his completed city of Arisa tomorrow on October 8th at 8PM GMT, and you are all invited. More details can be found here.