November 2015 GSM Preamble

Hi all,

Just a reminder that the next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, November 7th at 7pm UTC. Please note that since Daylight Savings is no longer in effect for North America, the time for the GSM will now be 11 am PST and 2 pm EST.

One of the focuses for this GSM will be the consideration of adding new moderators to the staff. We are open to moderator nominations from the public, so if you would like to put a name forward, please send an e-mail to the staff mailing list.

Finally, we have a large number of inactive towns up for auction this time around, some of which currently do not have any claimants. If you are interested in gaining ownership of any of these towns, please send a request to the staff mailing list. The towns are as follows:

  • Maliwan (P14)
  • Phos City (C33/F20 and F21) (Removed from auction at owner’s request)
  • Bandaraya (T11 and T12)
  • Heights City (ZN14) (Removed from auction at owner’s request)
  • Spruce Mountain (D10)
  • Khan (F4/14)
  • Redloch (XE18, XE19, C16, and C17)
  • Florensia (XE22, C20, and EC1) (Removed from auction at owner’s request)
  • XW13