A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

November 2015 GSM Results

Hey everyone,

First off, apologies for the delay in getting these results out on to the website. I’ve been super busy with real life and haven’t had the energy to deal with server stuff for quite some time. Things may wind down as the holidays approach, so I’ll try to catch up in the coming weeks. As always, the recording for the public portion of the GSM is available and can be downloaded here.

Staff Update

After getting in contact with them after a long bout of inactivity, computerghost and thomasfyfe will be stepping down from the Administrator positions on the server, effective immediately. CG will be continuing as a regular member on the server, while Thomas will be staying on as a moderator. Both CG and Thomas have been instrumental in shaping the server that you see today, and we thank them for their amazing contributions as admins.

As of the November GSM, we’re happy to announce that Ortem and AlikSong are our newest moderators on the staff. Congratulations to them both! At the GSM, we also announced that we would be bringing one more administrator. However, the admin candidate has passed on the promotion citing that they are too busy in real life. Therefore for the time being, we will continue assessing other administrator candidates for an eventual promotion later.

New Rules regarding Intercity Fibre Cables and Power Lines

A proposal was brought to the staff’s attention which asked for permission to build fibre cable systems across the new world. These systems would be compact and built with redstone, but would not serve an in-game functional purpose and would be inert (redstone would not be switched constantly switched on or off, causing lag).

To ensure that these constructions not become too dominant on the server, the staff have decided to impose rules on these builds, similar to that of roads. Effective immediately, players may only build intercity fibre cables and power lines if they are of [Councillor] rank or higher. As always, you must have permission from the other town’s mayor beforehand. In addition to these rules, if a situation arises where a fibre or cable crosses a rail or road, the rail or road takes priority and the fibre or cable must work around it.

Town Auctions

  • Maliwan (P14) – Owned by sean1240, will be contacted by e-mail, if no response within a week, town will be destroyed.
  • Bandaraya (T11 and T12) – Owned by TakenName, new ownership granted to jphgolf4321.
  • Spruce Mountain (D10) – Owned by bnsfninja, new ownership granted to Missa_Solemnis.
  • Khan (F4/14) – Owned by HurricaneNathan, no new ownership granted.
  • Redloch (XE18, XE19, C16, C17) – Owned by _hnt, no requests for ownership, still open for next GSM.
  • XW13 – Owned by ezzocraft, town can now be openly claimed on first-come, first-serve basis.

City Rank Candidate Batch #4

The last candidate batch of the year for promotions to [Senator], [Governor], and [Premier] is now open. Submit your requests using the City Rank Promotion Request Form by December 17th, 2015. The full list of relevant dates for this batch are as follows:

  • Submissions open on: December 6th, 2015
  • Submissions close by: December 17th, 2015 (by 11:59 PM PST)
  • Admod voting begins on: December 18th, 2015
  • Admod voting ends by: December 24th, 2015 (by 11:59 PM PST)
  • Promotions are granted on: December 25th, 2015 (Ho Ho Ho)

December GSM

The last GSM of the year will be held this coming Saturday, December 12th at 7pm GMT. More details about the agenda of this meeting will be updated on to this post as it becomes available.

That’s all for now.