A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

December 2015 GSM Results

Hi all,

The last GSM of the year has concluded and here are the results. As usual, the recording for the public portion can be downloaded here.

Transit hub exterior “shells” are now banned

Until now, players below the [Senator] rank have been allowed to built an exterior “shell” for their planned transit hub, in which the hub has no transit connections or interior decorations. However, recently this has proved to be a “grey area” in terms of enforcement, with players constructing very large shells that could be considered fully functional hubs depending on perspective. To simplify this rule, effective immediately, we have decided to ban all new exterior “shells” for transit hubs. Existing “shells” can still remain, and be completed when the player has reached [Senator] rank.

Large battle scenes with armor stands are now officially discouraged

It’s come to our attention that some players have built large battle scenes using numerous armor stands. We have several reports that such concentrations of armor stands is causing significant client-side lag for players, and they may be contributing to server-side lag as well. While we will not be outright banning armor stands at this time, we would like to ask these players to consider removing these battle scenes or minimize the use of armor stands such that all players can enjoy the server in a more lag-free manner. Thank you for your co-operation.

Moderators can now tempban players up to 24 hours

We are still in the process of finding a new administrator for the server, and a decision for this will likely come in January. In the meantime, to help moderators deal with disruptive guests, we’ve decided to grant moderators the ability to perform temporary bans up to 24 hours. This is meant to be a more effective tool for immediately removing such guests, instead of the usual muting/kicking/jailing scheme.  In most cases, admins will then convert the temporary ban into a permanent ban shortly afterward.

Do note that for disruptive members or members who have accumulated enough warnings, the moderators have been instructed to not use their tempban powers except in extreme circumstances. In such situations, administrators will continue to issue 1 week temporary bans, or permanent bans as needed.

Wiki account registration is now open again

Due to vandalism on the wiki a while back, we had to shut off the creation of accounts. We’ve now decided to re-open account registration once again. Do note that while anyone will be able to create a new account, the creation and editing of page will still be restricted to [Trustees] and above.

Town Auctions

  • A22 has been granted to _Ptld.
  • C3 may be put up for auction at the next GSM, pending a notification to the current owner who is still active.
  • Tetrapolis (T15) will be put up for auction at the next GSM.
  • Khan (F4/I4) will be put up for auction at the next GSM.
  • Solarion (XE18/C16, XE19/C17) has been granted to Tom_Pairs.


  • The construction of the A50 “Great Southern Highway”, running from ZS21 to V28 via Zaquar and Elecna Bay, has been recently abandoned by mine_man. This highway will be open to proposals from other players to take over and finish construction.
  • The A1 highway, running from Central City north to Nippia/Liten via the Ionian Conurbation SMP, will be allowed to continue construction for the time being. If no significant progress has been made by the next GSM, ownership of the highway may be auctioned off to another player who can finish the highway.
  • A proposal from RedBear47 for a winding, mountainous B-Road from Birchwood to St. Anna has been approved.

Finally, a reminder to get your submissions in for City Rank Candidate Batch #4 by this Thursday, December 17th. Submit your requests using the City Rank Promotion Request Form. Voting will take place over the next week, resulting in promotions being issued on December 25th.

That’s all for now.