A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to 2016! I hope you all have had a relaxing and fulfilling holiday season. Now here’s some usual news tidbits:

City Rank Candidate Batch #4 Results

City Rank Candidate Batch #4 has now concluded. Thanks to all who submitted applications, every candidate should now have received a feedback e-mail in their inboxes. Congratulations to those who were promoted, and they are as follows:


  • camelfantasy for his city of Formosa
  • BaronThamesBank for his city of Daneburg
  • Baseball02 for his city of Wythern
  • MishkaMan for his city of Kolpino


  • jphgolf4321 for his city of Laclede
  • autobus22 for his city of Wazamawazi
  • MinecraftYoshi26 for his city of Hummingbird Islands


  • _frozen for his city of Whitechapel

As per tradition with Premier promotions, _frozen has prepared the following speech:

I cannot take the credit for Whitechapel entirely to myself. I have been exceedingly lucky and blessed with people helping with this city, with a lot of help from people that are still here and people that are long gone. Without their work, Whitechapel would be a poorer town.

Now that Whitechapel is endorsed as one of the Premier Cities, I would like to take the time to thank people.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the city, from those that helped with the start of the road system with radioactive center lines (To date, no one has reported they have had terminal cancer from those, so that s good!), to those that put down dirt blocks after dirt blocks with no clue what the insane mod was planning, to those that installed major puzzle parts of Whitechapel (especially the Airport, the Canals, Sheepshead, Sports District, the Rail Yards, to name a few puzzle pieces).

Thank you to everyone who willingly let me create a large rail hub out of Whitechapel using totally unproven technology, and to allow Whitechapel come closer to your town.  My hope is to make CitiRail actually working and functional by the end of the holidays!

Thank you to the staff for the honor of adding Whitechapel to a prestigious list of premier cities such as Arisa, Achowalogen Takachsin, and Airchester.  It is a list I am honored to be part of.

Thank you to Frumple, for running the server (if it wasn’t this type of server I wouldn’t even consider building this city. Imagine Whitechapel in a survival server…).  Also, without you, we wouldn’t have this special community to be part of.

As for the future: Whitechapel is not done as is. It is far from being done, really. Look for more development, major events, and surprises hidden in Whitechapel. It is the least I can do for you all.

Again, Whitechapel is but a collection of dirt huts without all your help. Thank you all.


January GSM

The date of January GSM has been tentatively set for January 16th, at the usual time of 7pm UTC. The agenda for this meeting is still being formulated, but be sure to watch this post for updates. At this time, we have the following items that are open for claiming:

Town Auctions:

  • Panther Town (P9)

Road Projects:

  • A50 Great Southern

If you have any requests for ownership for any other towns and projects, please e-mail staff and in most cases, they will be added to the agenda.

That’s all for now.