A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

February 2016 GSM Preamble

Hi all,

Some announcements for your interest:

City Rank Candidate Batch #5 Results

City Rank Candidate Batch #5 has now concluded. Thank you to all candidates for submitting their promotion requests, feedback e-mails will be sent over the coming week. In terms of promotions, no Governor or Premier promotions were granted, and only 5 Senator promotions were granted, and those are:

  • Vulpicula (for the city of Storalisburg)
  • _InDev_ (for the city of Espil)
  • Yellowitcher (for the city of Xilia)
  • _Kastle (for the city of New Covina)
  • thomasfyfe (for the city of Falloway)

Congratulations to all new Senators!

February 2015 GSM Agenda

The next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, February 20th at 7pm GMT. The agenda topics that will be discussed are as follows:

  • 1. Community Issues
    • 1a) Re-implement automatic player kick after 15 minutes of inactivity.
    • 1b) Introduce policies¬†around the transfer of ownership for towns (to prevent players from giving up towns they just started, for example)
    • 1c) Discussion about recent overly large and ambitious airport plans, airports that are too close together, etc.
    • 1d) Discussion about Mumble vs. Discord
    • 1e) Discussion about the policy on vetoed trustee candidates.
    • 1f) Discussion about too many players asking staff on the status of their trustee endorsements.
    • 1g) Discussion about cleaning up the lab world and reducing lag on it.
    • 1h) Discussion about re-introducing a new warnings plugin.
    • 1i) Discussion about possibly reducing the period of the 1st warning to 15 days.
    • 1j) Discussion about preventing players from doing /pay * 0.01, which is very spammy.
    • 1k) Discussion about introducing a server introduction for new players.
  • 2. Town Auctions
    • 2a) ES21 / P35
    • 2b) T24 / A19 (VoltsSphere)
  • 3. Roads
    • 3a) A51 – From A4 to Whiteley via Matheson (proposed by AP_Red)
  • 4. Projects
    • 4a) Central City Interchange Redesign (proposed by suppoe)
    • 4b) MRT Phase 3 Extensions
    • 4c) Central City Bus Station
    • 4d) Industrial Island south of Camino (proposed by Omricon)
    • 4e) Removing swamp biome west of the MRT Marina

That is all.