City Rank Candidate Batch #6 Results

Hi all,

Just a quick announcement regarding the results of the latest City Rank Candidate Batch. Voting has concluded, and we have 5 promotions to Senator, and 1 new promotion to Governor:

[Senator] Promotions:

  • AP_Red (for the town of Whiteley, already Senator rank)
  • mine_man_ (for the town of Vegetus, already Governor rank)
  • _HeavenAngel_ (for the town of Quiris)
  • godzilltrain (for the town of Segville)
  • MindBender15 (for the town of Radiance Square)

[Governor] Promotion:

  • LDShadowLord (for the City of Evella)

Congratulations to all who were promoted. Feedback emails to all candidates will hopefully be sent within the next week. I also apologize for not sending feedback emails for the last batch, I’ll try to do a better job this time around.