Server whitelisted for the next few hours

Hi all,

The server ran out of disk space today, so I’m currently running a purge on the CoreProtect database to free it up. It looks like this process will take a few hours, so until then the server will be whitelisted. I’ll edit this post later when we’re back to normal.

UPDATE: Server is now back up and running. Please note the following:

  • To clear up disk space, block logs older than 30 days from today have been purged. Therefore, when you ask a staff members to view history, they will not be able to see beyond that point.
  • For the short time period when disk space ran out (approximately an hour before the whitelist was turned on), any changes to blocks, warps, and player information may have been lost. Unfortunately, there is likely no way to recover that data.
  • To facilitate the CoreProtect purge, the dynmap renderings for all world had to be deleted. They will automatically be re-rendered over the coming week at the usual scheduled time.
  • Finally, unlike Prism, CoreProtect doesn’t automatically purge its data on a regular basis. Therefore in the future, we will need to whitelist the server and run these purges again every few months. We will inform you as to when the next “purge” day will occur.