A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

June 2016 GSM Preamble

Hi all, your favorite CGI-Disney-Character-Turned-Into-An-Admin here.

Some announcements for your interest:

City Rank Candidate Batch #7

If youre interested in submitting your town to the next Batch, do it now because the deadline is Friday June 17 at 7pm GMT. We will announce the results shortly after, give or take a week.

June 2016 GSM Agenda

The next General Staff Meeting will be held this coming Saturday, June 18th at 9pm GMT. **EDIT: The original time was listed 7pm, but I messed up. My bad.**

However, this will be a different GSM than normal as Frumple will not be able to make it. Therefore, a change to the agenda is that we will need to make decisions on what topics that we can discuss and decide on among the ad-mods will be done on Saturday, and those topics that we deem important enough that we need Frumple’s input will be moved to the next GSM so Frumple can give us his input. The deadline to submit your city auction request, A-Road Proposals, and any topic you feel that was necessary to be added to the agenda has passed.

The agenda topics that will be discussed are as follows:

  1.  Community Issues
    1.  Military/War Play
    2. Unrealistic Roads, Rails, Flights, and Modes of Transportation
    3. Union of Central Western Territories International Airport (Postponed to next GSM)
    4. Schematica (Postponed to next GSM)
    5. Upton
  2. Roads
    1. Uncompleted Roads
    2. A1 Acquirement
    3. A169/A696
    4. A575
  3. Town Auctions
    1. C113
    2. C33 – Phos City
    3. C85 – Xandar
    4. M31
    5. D2 – Sealane
    6. A27 – Lancaster
    7. XW24

We recognize that some cities may have been added after the Friday Agenda Cutoff. If you are indeed interested in a town that is being auctioned, you will still have up to Saturday June 18th at 6pm GMT to make an bid for the town.

Thank you, and we appreciate your patience!