City Rank Candidates Batch #8 and Upcoming GSM

Hello Everyone,

First we’re happy to announce that the server now has 3 new Senators and 2 new Governors.

[Senator] Promotions:

  • Derpy_Melon (for the town of Spruce Neck)
  • Earack (for the town of Lanark)
  • Soleurs (for the town of Konowa)

[Governor] Promotions:

  • Narnia17 (for the Utopia)
  • Kiwirainbow (for the Mason City)

Congrats to all of you!

The 20th of August we will have our next GSM, with announcements and the public portion starting at 16:00 UTC. We’re aware that the timing isn’t convenient for a lot of you from Asia and Oceania, sorry for this – We’ll try to get the next GSM back to normal timing or later if possible.