A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.
A creative Minecraft 1.20.4 server for transportation and city-building enthusiasts.

August 20, GSM Results

Hello Everyone,

The results from the last GSM are here. A couple interesting announcements and news on new roads and airports!

Granting of Shared Municipality (SMP)

Staff have noticed a rising number of SMPs that are formed with the aim of making a large airport. The original purpose of SMPs was to allow people to collaborate on town projects and share perks with each player owning a district. When applying for a SMP you now have to describe why you want an SMP and what your joint plans for the area are. This is not the end of shared airports though. Joining forces on a project as big as an airport is always encouraged – speak to the Governors in your area and discuss plans and ask if you can help out!

Summer Promotions and GSMs

Staff discussed the status of summer promotions and GSMs. As a great number of staff is absent this time on vacation or just enjoying the nice weather please be patient in this period and remember that all staff are volunteers.


  • A510 is approved and will be led by AP_Red
  • A76, A78 and A88 are all approved and will be led Mikefishr. The inactive town at C88 may be altered, though should be preserved as well as possible.
  • Central City Road Extension is a small road extension in the east of Central City. This has been approved and will be constructed by MC_Protocol


To make the process quicker and GSMs shorter there has been made a slight change to how airports are approved. From now, you email your airport proposals to staff as always. Staff can then discuss it internally via email before an admin approves it.

  • Kolpino Airport is approved and will be led by MishkaMan
  • Espil Ecilidae Airport is approved and will be led by _InDev_
  • Elena Bay International Airport is approved and will be rebuilt by mine_man_
  • Utopia Airport is approved and will be led by Narnia17

Town Auctions

  • M12 – LDShadowLord is now the new owner.
  • M32 – RickyLi is already the owner.
  • XE21 / XE22 – _Kastle is now the new owner.
  • XE23 / XE24 – _Alli to acquire the north side, _Kastle the south. Local town border arrangements in the area will be left to the respective players.

More News

The MRT Mail Centre is now open again. The team of MRT Mail Staff led by thomasfyfe are working on updates and improvements to make the MRT Mail useful even when most personal messages today are sent via the /mail command. You can read more about the MRT Mail here.

The Falloway Pub Crawl is an event where the aim is to visit each pub in Falloway and collect its signature beer. It will be held on September, 3rd at 19:00 UTC. You can read more and sign up here.

That was all for now, have fun and remember it’s just a game! 🙂