Monthly archives: September 2016

Town Promotions

Hello Everyone,

We have now opened the voting for the applications we have received for Senator, Governor and Premier promotions. The voting ends on the 9th of October with promotions following asap from there.

It is possible to apply for a rank at anytime. Since a few of you weren’t aware of this candidates who have applied by the 29th (next Thursday) will be able to make this batch. The form can be found here.

Have fun,


CoreProtect Purge

Hi all,

We’re running out of disk space on the server again, so I’m going to need to run a purge on our CoreProtect block logs today. Starting at 6 PM GMT (11 AM PDT, 2 PM EDT), the server will be whitelisted to staff only while the purge is in progress. The purge should take several hours, possibly more. I will be update this post when the work has been completed. Sorry for the inconvenience and sudden notice, and thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Status: CoreProtect purge is now complete!